Custom Decor from a Galaxy Far Far Away

Custom Decor from a Galaxy Far Far Away

We all love our geeks! But when it comes to Christmas gifts, gadgets often get old and end up in a drawer somewhere.

Well, forget about the batteries, game controllers, and floating action figures and make room for something that you can both appreciate for years to come!

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Above: I Love You; I know. Personalized Vow Print - view here

Introducing: Galactic Word Art for Geeks

So imagine a gift that they will get excited about. Something a little sentimental, a little decorative, but a whole lot Star Wars!

Imagine spilling your heart to them with a gift that speaks to their geek-ness at the same time. Whether you're looking for a Christmas gift for your husband, a gift for your brother (or sister!), or a gift for your best friend, consider a personalized Star Wars-inspired art print.

All Words; All Bounty Hunter

He lost his father as a young boy, and enjoys using the disintegration setting on his blaster just a little too much (according to Lord Vader). But for some reason, Boba Fett is one of the most popular characters in the SW universe. Maybe it's his rebel-without-a-cause (pardon the pun) attitude, or just his cool Jet-pack, but if your geek loves a good bounty hunter themed gift, consider the Boba Fett inspired calligram art print.

custom gifts for star wars fans; boba fett art; personalized star wars anniveresary gifts

Just provide any wording you want to use to personalize your Boba Fett calligram. Use as many words as you'd like (or as little)!

The Wedding Vow Crawl

Your first anniversary is supposed to include a "paper" gift. Here's a fun way to get a little romance into things while still giving a fun gift that they can appreciate. You can use your wedding vows, your first dance song, or any other wording to recreate this Star Wars Themed Wedding Vow Art

star wars crawl wedding vow art



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