Another excuse to re-purpose an old frame

Another excuse to re-purpose an old frame

Find a Frame, Download the Printable File, and Print!

If you're like me, you have a pile of frames stashed a closet somewhere that you just can't bring yourself to throw away. Most of mine were second hand when I got them - a couple held cheap 90's decor that I got found for a bargain right after I got married. But my mother-n-law recently passed away and now I have another 20 or so frames to find a place for. The irony is that I'm going through some sort of strange minimalist phase where I don't want much of anything on the walls at all - coming right out of my rustic eclectic phase (You can imagine my current dilemma!)

But I digress...

Picture frames are one of those things you either need or don't need. As soon as you get rid of them - or more likely about a year later - you'll be banging yourself over the head when you need one. And although they do take up space, there's always a way to re-purpose one. Now I'm not going to show you some DIY on how to re-purpose an old friend, but instead, give you something to put in one of those frames!

Proverbs 3:6 has always been a popular scripture (and it's true, I promise!) and I never could have imagined that this fun little eye-chart scripture design idea that I came up with one day would touch so many people. Thanks to all who have shared, liked, saved, purchased, and just plain appreciated this Scripture art!

If you'd like a copy of the Proverbs 3:6 Eye Chart, you can download a printable version from the link below. This is a high resolution copy, sized to produce a print size of 5x7. Please don't print any larger as the results may not be as crisp!

Please share this with your loved ones and friends, and most importantly, please don't ever forget that He is in control, and He will direct your paths. All you have to do is come to Him with a sincere heart, a heart without shame or guilt (and you can because He's provided His son to cover that stuff for you, specifically for this very reason!), and share with Him your worries and fears, and seek Him in whatever path you take. He will never leave you or forsake you.


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